body and holistic treatments

Body Treatments

Body Massage – 1 hour £40.00
Back and Shoulder Massage – ½ hour £22.00

Holistic Treatments

A great way to aid relaxation, revitalise and re-balance the body in a natural way.


Pure essential oils and aromatic plants blended in a carrier oil used in the aid of relaxing and maintaining vitality within the body, tailored to you specifically.

1 hour (consultation 15 mins) £40.00


A finger and thumb technique used on the feet, which corresponds to glands, organs and nerves in the body. Aids improvement to nerves and blood supply, relieving stress and tension, restoring balance and harmony.

Treatment 1 hour (consultation 15 mins) £34.00

Indian Head Massage

Neck, shoulder & head treatment. To relax and invigorate. For tension, emotional wellbeing and restoring balance.

Treatment 35-45 mins (consultation 15 mins) £24.00

Harmonising Body Treatment

The ultimate tailor-made holistic/beauty treatment. Incorporating lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, acupressure, magnet therapy and Ayurveda. Treating your body on the inside and on the outside. Whether you want to be relaxed and rejuvenated this is the treatment for you. Facial, head massage and full body massage.

1 ½ hours (consultation 30 mins) £67.00

Body Blitz

Invigorate the body with a combined manual/machine massage tailored to you for required expectation. Great for cellulite, puffy legs/body, aching limbs and stiffness.

1 hour £45, ½ hours legs only £22

Friction Massage

Stimulating the senses with this wonderfully invigorating massage. Brilliant for pre-holiday scrub or stubborn cellulite. The body is vigorously massaged using a friction technique with coconut oil, then a scrub with aromatherapy oils and finished with a body-firming lotion.

1 hour £45.00

Holistic Treatment Aftercare

Drink lots of water, avoid stimulants (tea, coffee, alcohol etc). Allow your body to re-balance itself (relaxation, rest, sleep). Eat a light meal.


Honey I shrunk

A revolutionary new treatment that actually shrinks fat cell through Lyposis. Drop a dress size in just one hour and it keeps on working for 72 hours afterwards. Can be done while another treatment is being carried out works very well with reflexology or  a facial.

1 hour 45 minutes £50  Course of treatment £275.                                                             Mixed with another treatment £35 course  £210.