Anti-ageing facials

Collagen Facial

A luxurious facial boosting natural collagen in the skin, helping to regenerate and repair. Plumping, hydrating and improving texture.

1 hour £49.00, course of 6 £270.00

Hyaluronic Smooth & Fill Facial

Using the latest technology, this anti-wrinkle facial is specifically designed to target specific problematic lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin plump and beautifully hydrated.

1 hour £49.00, course of 6 £270.00

Silicium Super-Lift Facial

Designed to combat the signs of ageing, loss of firmness and pronounced wrinkles (40+ specifically). Your complexion will glow, lines will be less noticeable, and skin firmer.

1 hour £49.00, course of 6 £270.00

Mcutic facial

For a flawless complexion. Evens out colour, texture creating a smooth dewy skin tone.

1 hour £52.00 course of 4 £185

Exceptional Facial

The ultimate in anti-ageing. Working on all the signs associated with aging by using extracts rich in natural algae hormones. Treating moisture deficiency, fine lines and wrinkles. Perfect during menopause, helping to improve texture, skin tone, dehydration and fragility.

1 hour £55, course of 6 £300.00

Micronized Marine Algae Treatment

100% natural algae powder with a very high concentration of minerals, vitamins, trace elements and proteins. Helps relieve muscular fatigue, sluggish circulation, aids detoxification and rebalances metabolism. Fantastic for soothing psoriasis, eczema and a great pick me up treatment.

Facial £38.00 Body wrap £47.00