About Beauty by Helen

Since starting my business in 1998, I have built on my Beauty Therapy qualifications. I have become increasingly interested in how the mind and body complement each other and when working well together we have a more calm, relaxed and fruitful life.

Therefore I have become interested in holistic therapies (body re-balancing itself with the help of certain therapies). With this in mind, I have trained in Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Aromatherapy and most recently, an Ayurvedic treatment. Which encompasses acupressure, lymph drainage, Ayurveda, magnet therapy and massage, which also complement my existing beauty treatments.

I am constantly looking for new treatments to learn, or update existing treatments. Learning about my products and how all this can benefit you, the client, as the beauty industry is constantly changing, which in itself is very exciting.

Life before Beauty by Helen.

I trained locally, at Bromsgrove college in 1983. I then worked at the Tao clinic in Birmingham for two years, gaining experience so I would be able to work on cruise ships, as a beauty therapist. I did this for two contracts, and meeting a friend on the ship, lead me to backpack for a year.

I came home and worked for Keith and Peters in Worcester for 6 months. Whilst waiting to move to Rackhams in Birmingham, although I really enjoyed it, I still hadn’t got rid of the travelling bug. I gained employment with Gulf Air as an air hostess based in Bahrain. After 4 years with Gulf Air I moved to Johannesburg and after waitressing for a small time, stared to work for South African Airways on a contract. When the contract finished, I decided to come to Droitwich, start Beauty by Helen and have enjoyed every moment of it.